Pay As You Go Smart Meters

From February 2020 we will be replacing around 4,500 pay As You Go (PAYG) Key Meters with PAYG Smart Meters as the final stage of our Island-wide Smart Meter roll-out.

PAYG Smart Meters offer you more places to top up – around 60 Payzone charging points – more security because you don’t have to carry a key to and from your home, more convenience, more information on your electricity use if you sign up for the online Smart Account, and more transparent debt recovery.

View our video guide to everything about Smart PAYG.


Where can I charge my Smart Meter?

How do I top up a Smart Meter if there is no key?

When your new PAYG Smart Meter is installed, our installers will leave you a new Smart Card. This card shows your 19-digit Meter ID Number and it can only be used with the meter at your current premise. Present this card to an assistant at your nearest Payzone location with the amount you wish to credit your meter.

Your meter will be automatically credited with this amount (less any debt/debit recovery if applicable) within seconds, directly from the point of purchase and will show on your meter by the time you get home.

You will be given a receipt and 20-digit code number. Keep this code safe.

If, for some reason, the communications link from the Payzone to your meter failed and your meter did not register your payment, press button A, then key in the 20-digit code manually on the keypad of your meter, then press button B and your meter will be credited. 

If your meter still doesn’t charge, try again to make sure you have keyed in the number correctly. If in the unlikely event the meter still doesn;t charge, call us on 505460 and, if necessary, we will send a technician to replace the meter.

Please note, the 20-digit code will only work once and only on your meter.


I have just moved in and the previous occupier did not leave the Smart Card. What do I do?

On Change of Tenancy, your meter is set with a £5 credit to help you until you can top up. This will be recovered at the rate of 20 per cent of your future payments when you make them. For example, if you make a £10 payment, £2 will go off the debit and £8 will go on the meter for use. 

If you don't have a Smart Card, the six-digit Meter Number is clearly marked on the meter itself. Call Customer Care on 505460 and we can top you up over the phone if you have a debit card and send you a replacement card containing the full 19-digit number you need to top up at Payzone.   


How do I know the meter is not registering a debt from the previous occupier?

If you completed a Change of Tenancy Form on the ‘Moving Home’ section of our website, we would have checked and removed any existing debt from your meter.

If you are a new customer, please call us to register at the new premise and we will remove any debit from the meter. Our Customer Care Team is available on 505460 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday.

I have a debt from my previous home; what happens to that?

When you complete a Change of Tenancy Form on the ‘Moving Home’ section of our website, we will transfer any existing debit balance to your new meter automatically and set a recovery rate deducted as a percentage of any future payments as you make them. 

For example, if the debt is set to be recovered at 20 per cent and you make a £10 payment, £2 will go off the debit and £8 will go on the meter for use. This will be clearly shown on your receipt when you top up.

Can I top up for a vulnerable friend or relative?

Yes. Or someone can top up for you if you’re sick or housebound. Because you can top up your PAYG Smart Meter remotely, you can top up a friend’s or relative’s meter without having to go back to their home as long as you have their six-digit Meter Number which is clearly shown on their Smart Card.

What is the 20-digit payment confirmation code on the receipt for?

If for some reason our communications system from your top-up location point to your meter failed and your meter did not charge automatically, all you have to do is press button A on your meter then key in your 20-digit payment confirmation code manually on the meter keypad, then press button B and your meter will recognise the amount paid and charge accordingly. Please note: The code is unique, it will only work ONCE and only on your specific meter. It will not function again if the meter has charged automatically.

How do I see how much credit is left on the meter?

Credit information will display automatically every five minutes or so. You can activate the display to show credit immediately by pressing button number 8. 

How do I activate emergency credit?

If the credit on the meter drops below £1, you will be given the option to activate the emergency credit. The meter will display:

  • Low Credit
  • EC Offer

Press button A to Activate
Press button B to Decline

Please be aware that if you decline, you will NOT be offered emergency credit again until after you have topped up the meter.

How do I restore my supply after my meter ran out of credit and went off?

First, you will need to top up your meter at one of the Payzone locations. Then you will need to re-activate the meter.

Press button 8 to check the credit is on the meter.
You will be asked to press button A to connect and button B to confirm.

If for some reason the credit does not show when you press 8, add it manually by using the 20-digit code on your receipt.

Press button A , key in your 20-digit payment confirmation code on the meter keypad, then press button B