Smart heating

Smart heating

Electricity can deliver a range of smart innovations to the home through high efficiency electric flow boilers, underfloor heating, high efficiency storage heaters and smart panel heaters.

It's quick and easy to fuel switch from gas or oil or install from scratch as there is an electric solution for every home. Through your Smart Account you will be able to see when and how much energy is being used which will enable you to make informed decisions about future usage, increasing comfort levels and using your energy wisely.

Smart controls

It's not just meters that are getting 'Smart'. Home appliances, and even homes themselves are today being designed with built-in intelligence and interconnectivity that can interact with you and your family to meet your needs at the touch of your tablet or smart phone app, in the most energy conscious way.

Smart Heating Controls, designed for radiator and underfloor heating systems, can be accessed from any internet connected computer or device, anywhere. This allows you to easily programme your heating and hot water to exactly match your lifestyle and family’s needs and will also show where savings can be made. 

Products like miGenie, Nest and Netatmo work with your existing radiator or underfloor heating systems, giving you complete control from anywhere you have an internet connection or via your mobile device through various apps.

For panel or storage heating, many manufacturers offer smart controls for their product ranges, for example Farho, EHC and Dimplex.

Smart storage heating

Quantum heaters from Dimplex have redefined storage heating. Billed as the world’s most advanced electric space heaters, the Quantum’s revolutionary iQ controller and clear LCD display enable the user to pre-set individual heaters to different required room temperatures over seven days.

The iQ controller responds to changing climate conditions automatically and adjusts its charging and heating patterns accordingly. It closely follows target room temperature, adjusting settings to maintain the required temperature to within +/- 0.3°C. The iQ controller also constantly monitors and learns the user’s heating habits, anticipating your needs, adapting and delivering just the right amount of heat.

Using off-peak, lower cost tariffs, the Quantum can be up to 27% cheaper to run than a standard storage system and 47% cheaper to run than electric convector or radiator system. The Quantum’s highly efficient heat storage capacity enables it to adjust to the user’s needs and climate conditions, delivering heat only when needed. Fan-assisted output provides rapid heat-up time and a boost element ensures heat is always available even during unexpected demand.

Quantum is an ideal replacement for old storage heaters or a life-enhancing system for those with no existing central heating system. Quantum’s can be installed one room at a time for those who’d like to spread the cost.