Smart Meters explained

As existing meters come to the end of their working lives it makes sense to update them with the latest technology available to promote energy efficiency. 

Using Smart technology benefits everyone. It makes the process of supplying and billing for electricity more efficient and this impacts positively on the price you pay for your energy. No more site visits and estimated bills, just detailed information that helps us plan for the future in the most economical way.

Smart Meters have already enabled us to introduce our first uninterrupted, discounted 24-hour heating tariff, Economy 20 Plus and, looking ahead, we will be able to consider new tariffs offering further economies depending on the time you use electricity.

Smart Account is an online portal specifically designed for Jersey Electricity customers to run alongside Smart Meters. Opening your Smart Account is simple and takes just a few minutes. Once your Smart Meter is fitted, it will start collecting data and, over time, you can then start reviewing and comparing your usage daily, weekly and monthly on your Smart Account so that you can better control and manage your energy consumption, hopefully, reducing your bills.

We’d advise that you open your Smart Account right away. 

How does a Smart Meter work?

Smart Meters send regular information on your energy use to us along the same cables that deliver your electricity. This information is processed through collection points installed in around 700 of our substations and then sent via our communications network - GPRS signal or JE WAN (Jersey Electricity Wide Area Network) - to the Powerhouse, for billing purposes. As well as sending us readings for billing purposes, you can choose to have half-hourly profiling data uploaded to your Smart Account, helping you see when and how much electricity you use. 

Smart Meter installation

If your Smart Meter has not been installed yet, when your turn comes, we will notify you two weeks in advance and you will have the opportunity to change the appointment if it’s not convenient. The installation itself will normally take just 30 minutes.

If your meter is outside

or is easily accessible you will not need to be on site when we visit, but we advise that you switch off sensitive electrical equipment such as computers, fibre optic connections, fax machines, videos, DVD players and satellite receivers at the socket beforehand. You may also need to reset any electrical clocks once we have restored your electricity supply.

 If your meter is inside

your premises, you will need to arrange access for our installation team.

If you don’t know where your meter is, don’t worry. We have that information on our records and we’ll advise you in advance should we need access.

When will I get a Smart Meter?

Our Island-wide roll out began in earnest in October 2015 and will take approximately four years to complete. We will notify you two weeks in advance of your installation date and you can change it if it is not convenient. See our interactive map to see how we are getting on.

Will I have to pay for the installation?

No, providing your meter cupboard complies with our published meter cupboard sizes and layout. Jersey Electricity is installing Smart Meters across the Island for free as part of its on-going investment programme of network improvement and as existing 'dumb' meters come to the end of their working lives.

If a structure or trunking has been added/modified and does not comply with the correct parameters, then some additional work will be required. If this is the case, our installers will postpone the install until we have discussed the matter with you further and you may be liable for some costs of this extra work.

Are Smart Meters dangerous to health?

No. Your meter readings and profiling data will be sent to Jersey Electricity substations via the same cables that supply your electricity. From there, the readings are sent via our communications network to the Powerhouse where bills are produced.

Will a Smart Meter save me money?

A Smart Meter itself won't save you money, but working in conjunction with your Smart Account it will give you a much better insight into your electricity consumption.

Your Smart Account lets you see how much energy you are using at different times of the day, week, month or year, which could help you cut your energy usage and your bills by highlighting ways you can be more energy efficient.

Will I still receive a quarterly bill?

Yes you will. Your bill will be still be calculated and sent to you quarterly. When you register for your Smart Account, we will start sending your bills to your account and we will email you when they are ready to view. Your first bill after your meter has been installed may be for a slightly longer or shorter period than previously but from then on you will be billed on the same four dates every year. In addition, if you elect to have half-hourly profiling, your Smart Account will also be updated with information on your day-to-day usage. If you do not register for Smart Account you will continue to receive your bills as you do now.

Will I be able to see my real time energy use?

No. We will collect your profile data overnight and, once processed, we will upload it to your Smart Account. This can take up to four days. If for any reason any profiling data does not register on a particular day or days, your charts will show which days have ‘Partial data’. If you wish to see real time energy use, there are a number of products available, for example 

Is my meter faulty if I am missing data for several days?

No. We take profile readings every 30 minutes. Sometimes we are unable to communicate with our meters and this appears on your Smart Account as 'Partial data'. Partial or missing data on your Smart Acccount does not mean your Smart Meter is faulty.

Will I still get estimated bills?

No. Smart Meters will put an end to estimated bills (unless, of course, your meter needs replacing in the future) so you will only ever pay for the electricity you have actually used. 

What will you use my data for and is it safe?

Your bill is calculated from daily readings as now. If you give permission for half-hourly profiling data, this will enable us to provide you with detailed information on your energy use in the form of graphs and charts on your Smart Account. It also helps us to manage our network. It will not be used for any other purpose or passed to any third party other than our billing providers. All your information will be encrypted meaning it will be totally secure.

What if I do not want you to have my data?

When you register for Smart Account you will be asked whether you wish us to collect and store profiling data. If you do not want us to store your data, we will still take readings but your data will be anonymised. You will not fully benefit from Smart Account but you will still be able to receive and store your quarterly bills there.

What if I do nothing?

If you do not sign up for Smart Account, we will collect and store your data for three years unless you tell us otherwise.

I like to read my own meter, will I still be able to?

If you wish to read your Smart Meter yourself, simply press button No. 6 four times. Ignore the decimal places and note the full number only. When your quarterly bill is due, this is the number of units (kWhs) for which you will be billed.

You can view more information about meter display here