Smart Meter installation FAQ’s

  1. What is a Smart Meter?

    A Smart Meter records consumption of electric energy like a traditional meter but it can send the information to us for monitoring and billing purposes remotely via the same cables that provide your electricity. This puts an end to meter readers calling and estimated bills. Smart Meters also enable two-way communication so we can send half-hourly profiling data on your usage back to you to view via your Smart Account if you register.

  2. What will this cost me to install?

    There is no cost to you providing your meter cupboard complies with our published meter cupboard sizes and layout. Jersey Electricity is installing Smart Meters across the Island for free as part of its on-going investment programme of network improvement and as existing 'dumb' meters come to the end of their working lives.

    If a structure or trunking has been added/modified and does not comply with the correct parameters, then some additional work will be required. If this is the case, our installers will postpone the install until we have discussed the matter with you further and you may be liable for some costs of this extra work.

  3. Will my electricity usage reduce?

    Your electricity use will not be affected by the new meter, however, you will have access to more information via your Smart Account.

  4. What other information will this meter collect?

    The meter will only collect information on your energy use. What is new is that we can send this back to you via your Smart Account if you register.

  5. How do you get the information from the meter?

    The information is sent along the same cables that deliver your electricity. It is processed through collection points installed in around 700 of our substations and then sent via our communications network - GPRS signal or JE WAN (Jersey Electricity Wide Area Network) - to the Powerhouse.

  6. How long will the installation take?

    The installation should take around 30 minutes.

  7. What if I do not want this new type of meter?

    We have to upgrade our network from time to time and when the old meters come to the end of their lives, this work is unavoidable.

  8. Do I have to be at home when you install the meter?

    If we have access to your meter then no, however, we recommend that you switch off sensitive electrical equipment such as computers, fibre optic connections, fax machines, videos, DVD players and satellite receivers at the socket beforehand. You may also need to reset any electrical clocks once we have restored your electricity supply.

  9. What are the benefits to me in having a Smart Meter installed?

    You will only ever pay for the electricity you have used as there will be no more estimated readings. You will no longer have to submit your own reading or have a meter reader call. Plus, you will be billed on the same four quarterly dates every year. If you agree to half-hourly profiling data collection and register for Smart Account, you will be able to better manage your energy use and make decisions that may reduce your energy consumption.

  10. Will I still get my meter read every quarter?

    We will read your meter every day and produce your bills in the normal quarterly way.

  11. What is a Smart Account?

    A Smart Account is your own personal electricity account online. You will need to register for it and it is password protected. Your Smart Account number is unique to you because it is made up of your Customer and Premise Numbers. Working in tandem with your Smart Meter, your Smart Account will enable you to see more detailed information on your electricity consumption, view your bills and receive secure information about your account from us.

    If you agree to half hourly profiling data, information on your usage will appear in your Smart Account in the form of various charts and graphs so you can see when and how much electricity you are using.

  12. Do I have to have a Smart Account when I have a Smart Meter installed?

    No, Smart Account is optional, however, you will not then benefit from the range of additional services Smart Account brings.

  13. Who will install the meter?

    The meters will be installed by Jersey Electricity employees.

  14. Can I still have my bills sent in the post?

    Yes you can, but once you sign up for your Smart Account you will only receive electronic communications from us.

  15. Will I be able to see real time energy usage as I actually use it?

    No. We will collect your profile data overnight and, once processed, we will upload it to your Smart Account. This can take up to four days. If for any reason any profiling data does not register on a particular day or days, your charts will show which days have ‘Partial data’. If you wish to see real time energy use, there are a number of products available, for example, 

  16. Does this mean the meter reader will not call again?

    Smart Meters mean an end to meter readers routinely calling at your home, an end to self-meter readings and an end to routinely estimated bills. This means from the moment your Smart Meter is installed and running, you will only ever be billed for electricity you have used. 

  17. So you won’t estimate bills anymore?

    That’s right, we will not routinely estimate bills anymore, but we may still use estimated billing when dealing with faulty meters.

  18. Do I need Wi-Fi at home to access my Smart Account?

    You will need an internet connection to access your Smart Account but as it is web based, you will be able to access it anywhere the internet is available. 

  19. I can’t use a computer, how can I take advantage of the Smart Account?

    If you have a friend or relative who has internet access, you can ask them to be your Smart Account ‘Buddy’. They will receive all your billing information and help you to take advantage of the benefits your Smart Meter and Smart Account offer. 

  20. Will I get one of the display devices that are being installed in the UK?

    No, we are not installing ‘In Hand Devices’.

  21. Is there any danger to my health from Smart Meter technology?

    No. All your data is passed to us using your existing supply cable.

  22. How will I know I have a new bill?

    You will receive an email notification telling you that you have a bill.

  23. When will I get my meter installed?

    Our Island-wide roll out began in earnest in October 2015 and will take approximately four years to complete. We will notify you two weeks in advance of your installation date and you can change it if it is not convenient. See our interactive map to see how we are getting on.

  24. Do I have to wait for my Smart Meter to open my Smart Account?

    No, you can register for your Smart Account any time. You will have access to your billing history and receive future bills in your Smart Account.

  25. Is my personal data secure?

    Yes, all your information is encrypted.