If your Smart Meter has not been installed yet, when your turn comes, we will notify you two weeks in advance and you will have the opportunity to change the appointment if it’s not convenient. The installation itself will normally take just 30 minutes. There is no charge. Jersey Electricity is installing Smart Meters across the Island for free as part of its on-going investment programme of network improvement and as existing meters come to the end of their working lives. 

If your meter is outside

or is easily accessible you will not need to be on site when we visit, but we advise that you switch off sensitive electrical equipment such as computers, fibre optic connections, fax machines, videos, DVD players and satellite receivers at the socket beforehand. You may also need to reset any electrical clocks once we have restored your electricity supply.

If your meter is inside

your premises, you will need to arrange access for our installation team.

If you don’t know where your meter is, don’t worry. We have that information on our records and we’ll advise you in advance should we need access.