Get the best from your Smart Meter

To realise all the benefits of your Smart Meter you will need to register for Smart Account and agree to us collecting your half-hourly profile data. Only this way will you be able to see information on your energy consumption in greatest detail. You will be able to see where you have used energy, on what day and at what time. Then you can change your energy use habits, compare the difference and enjoy the savings.

For example, switching to low energy LED light bulbs, turning off lights in empty rooms, turning off equipment usually left in standby mode, lowering your room or water thermostats slightly, showering instead of bathing, increasing the insulation in your home, using equipment such as washing machines and dishwashers in the off-peak periods if you are are on one of our off-peak tariffs, replacing old appliances with the latest, most energy efficient models. There are many ways you can reduce your energy use and your Smart Meter and Smart Account will show you the differences you can make each day. For more energy saving ideas visit our Energy Hub.